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Donnerstag, 09.12.
Four Artists presents Shad


(Black Box Recordings / DECON Records / Groove Attack)

Shad is certainly no stranger to critical praise, but he’s never let his presence in the
spotlight affect his art. His fan base has graciously received both of his previous
albums, but it was the Canadian release of his third LP, TSOL that piqued new
levels of international interest, making evident a need for an extension to other

The son of Rwandan immigrants, Shadrach Kabango’s unique first-world experience
informs an appreciation for his role as a musician. Born in Kenya and relocated to
Canada shortly after, Shad relished his adolescence growing up outside of Toronto
where he became fluent in French and English. It was during these formative years
that he was initially exposed to hip-hop culture, awe-stricken by the music of true-
school graduates like Common, Rass Kass and Outkast. This trans-cultural
upbringing rendered a well-rounded young adult, educated on hardship and
cognizant of the many opportunities he had been afforded.

After high-school Shad put his nose to the grindstone and wrote his first songs
while studying business at Wilfrid Laurier University where he later graduated with
a Bachelor’s degree. Sprung from his dorm-room and financed by the winnings
from a radio song-writing contest, Shad’s first record When This Is Over was
released in July 2005, and was characterized by overt introspection and social
awareness. An unadulterated glimpse of young-adulthood, the self-made album
bore promise of even greater accomplishments.

When 2007’s The Old Prince was released on Black Box Recordings, critics
immediately incorporated Shad into the dialogue among the most well-regarded
MCs in North America. The Juno Awards, the most prestigious honor in Canadian
music, nominated the album as Rap Recording of The Year. The Old Prince was also
named an official contender for the cutting edge Polaris Music Prize that year.
Einlass: 20:00 | Beginn: 20:00